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Established in 2013, Lyrebird is one of the earliest overseas purchasing and logistics companies having perfect facilities and systems in Melbourne. From the establishment date to present, the annual trade amount of the company is increased from less than 500,000AUD to nearly 50 million AUD, and our company realizes a quality leap in system and resources. Therefore, we have certain popularity in the overseas purchasing market of Melbourne and even the entire Australia. Many local people of Melbourne like coming to our company for purchase, for the commodities are of good quality and the price is cheap. Moreover, the target of our company is letting more overseas and Chinese customers be

able to use more heart assured Australian products, such as milk powder, food, healthcare products and cosmetics, all of which are our company’s main operational products. The businesses of our company are extensive. For a small customer, even this customer only needs one piece of product, we also sell. As long as the customer contact our customer service staff, our customer service staff will pack the product that customer desires to buy well, and have it transported to the hands of the customer. For a wholesale customer, our company can transport products in large quantity to Hong Kong and each bonded warehouse of China. Therefore, from establishment date to present, our company has accumulated many solid and reliable cooperative partners. Our enterprise culture is honesty, and we believe double win cannot be realized without honesty. We hope there will be more customers cooperating with us deep in the future! lyrebird 公司建立与2013年,是墨尔本最早拥有完善设施和体系的海淘及物流公司之一。公司发展至今,从开始一年只有不到50万澳币的交易量到现在一年最多能达到5000万澳币的交易量,我们公司在体系和资源上实现了质的飞跃。所以我们在墨尔本乃至整个澳大利亚的海淘市场都占有一定的知名度,许多墨尔本当地的人喜欢来我们公司购物,因为物美价廉。而且我们公司的目标是为了更多海外和中国的朋友能够用到更多放心的澳洲产品。比如说奶粉,食品,保健品和化妆品都是我们公司主打的业务。我们公司业务广泛,针对小客户我们可以一件代发,只要联系我们客服就能把客户想要的东西打包好,然后运到中国客户手上。我们针对批发客户也可以大批量成板运回中国各个保税仓和香港。所以公司发展至今积累了很多坚实可靠的合作伙伴。我们的企业文化就是诚信,我们始终坚信只有诚信才能双赢。我们希望有更多的客户可以和我们深度合作!

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